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Superior Essex - Committed to Transparency and Sustainability

Superior Essex discusses the importance of sustainability, their commitment to transparent manufacturing practices, and their contributions toward LEED certification through the publication of Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) and Health Product Declarations (HPD) for their premises copper and optical fiber cables. These extra efforts substantially reduce the environmental impact of our operations on our planet. Check out our Environmental Promise here.

-May, 2015

Meltric DSN150 Switch Rated Plug and Receptacle

Meltric Corporation's popular DECONTACTOR Series plugs and receptacles are ideal for connecting motors, welders and other equipment in most environments including washdown.  Check out the newest addition to this product line - the DSN150.  

-May, 2015

3M and DEUS Escape and Rescue System

3M™ and DEUS™ Escape and Rescue System offers a lightweight, hand-held controlled descent device for heights up to 590 feet. Use for single and multi-person escape, assisted rescue, self-rescue after a fall and travel restraint/work positioning.

Cablofil Wire Mesh Cable Trays

Through the design of effective, efficient and innovative Cablofil Wire Mesh Cable Trays, Legrand, the leader in wire mesh cable tray, provides the highest quality cable management solutions for any situation.

-July, 2014

Milbank Touchscreen Commercial Pedestals

Power distribution controls and monitoring are just a press of a button or a click of the mouse away with Milbank’s new Touchscreen Commercial Pedestals.  These pedestals are ideal for applications such as athletic field lighting, roadway lighting, water pump stations, electronic signage and much more.  The touchscreen commercial pedestals offer two convenient ways to control and monitor circuits: the touchscreen control panel and secure online access.  The touchscreen control panel is connected to the on-board PLC and offers a straightforward user interface that displays real-time information about the status of the circuits. It also allows users to change the time when the circuit is to be turned on and off.

-June, 2014

3M SecureFit Protective Eyewear

Check out this video to learn about 3M's Secure Fit Protective Eyewear with Foam Gasket features a comfortable seal that helps limit eye exposure to nuisance dust while providing additional cushioning.  Now available in readers! Download Flyer

-June, 2014

3M Hard Hats

These aren't your daddy's hard hats!  3M's Cap Style and Full Briim Hard Hats have features that you didn't even know you wanted.  Featuring unique suspension, easy ratchet size adjustment, ventilated brow strap, three levels of height adjustment, optional venting and many other features.  Take the hard hat cumfort challenge! 

-June, 2014

Meltric - DSN 60 Inlets and Receptacles

Check out these videos from Meltric showing how to assemble and deassemble their DSN60 Inlets and Receptacles!
Receptacle Disassembly & Assembly
Inlet Disassembly & Assembly

-May, 2014

Bridgeport Mighty-Rite Nonmetallic Split Bushings

Bridgeport's SB series of nonmetallic split bushings offer a hinged deeisgn, which allows for the bushing to be installed before or after conductors have been pulled.  Thsi eliminates the need for expensive rework.

-April, 2014

Superior Essex Plant Tour

Employees of the Superior Essex Energy manufacturing facility located in Tarboro, North Carolina, take you on a behind the scenes tour of our newest manufacturing facility. You'll get an inside look at manufacturing processes and be introduced to a few of the employees who share their stories.

-March ,2014

3M Cold Shrink QS4 Integrated Splice

The new Cold Shrink QS4 Integrated Splice is here!  This 35 kV splice features an integrated design, easy-pulling installation core, efficient rejacketing, and customizable grounding. It is designed for joining JCN and Flat Strap Neutral power cables. Shearbolt connectors included.  This preview has been approved by all electricians!

-February, 2014


Scotch 77/77W Fire and Electric Arc Proofing Tape is designed to protect all types of electrical cables when exposed to potential failures in an adjacent cable. Its unique formulation expands in fire to form a thick char buildup between the flame and the cable. The resulting firewall acts as a heat shield and flame barrier, thus protecting the nearby cables and accessories.  Check out this video to see just how hot this tape really is!

-February, 2014

3M FIP 1- Step

Finally a UL fire rated 1-step foam for commercial construction that's easy to install and will not run down the wall. The 3M intumescent foam requires no mineral wool or sleeves and covers a wide range of applications in both horizontal and vertical applications. Just foam in place and your done!  3M's Fire Barrier Rated Foam (FIP 1-Step), is a smoke, sound, and firestopping foam for wall and floor penetrations. Premium two-part, easy-to-handle formulation. Expands up to five times yielding 116 cubic inches during installation and bonds to most construction substrates including, but not limited to, concrete, metal, wood, plastic and cable jacketing. Dries to a re-enterable flexible solid. During a fire, the product maintains a tight firestop against smoke and flame.

-February, 2014

Meltric - Decontactor Series Plugs and Receptacles

Meltric - Decontactor Series Plugs and Receptacles -  If you would like to learn about a product that can help you simplify code compliance, reduce equipment change-out related downtime, improve maintenance staff utilization and ensure worker protection from arc-flash injury, then you will want to watch this 3-minute message from Meltric. Meltric's Decontactors combine the functionality of a switch with the convenience of a plug and receptacle.

Milbank - Commercial Meter Pedestals

Milbank - Commercial Meter Pedestals - Save time and money with Milbank Commercial Meter Pedestals. These pedestals are an attractive, secure, easy to install and cost effective solution when underground remote site power distribution and control equipment is required.Commercial Meter Pedestals are Ideal for controlling and metering traffic signals, street lighting, irrigation and sprinkler systems, cell towers, pump stations, and outdoor lighting for athletic fields.

Cablofil - FAS Power Configurator

Cablofil - FAS Power Configurator - Learn how to create a FAS Power wiring assembly to your specifications and create a PDF submittal to ensure correct planning and ordering on your next project.

Cablofil - Cable Tray Submittal Builder

Cablofil - Cable Tray Submittal Builder - Learn how to use the Cablofil Submittal Builder, an easy to use tool offered by Legrand. The tool helps eliminate errors while saving you time and money.

Allied Moulded Products, Inc. - Slider Box

Sliderbox - Adjustable Electrical Outlet Boxes - Adjustable electrical outlet box products for residential construction where the wall substrate is unknown and goes beyond the standard 1/2" drywall thickness. Simply loosen two screws, reposition the box flush to the additional wall substrate and then retighten.